About Us

We have built a legacy in the DIAMOND INDUSTRY and are the SECOND-GENERATION of Diamond Purveyors in Canada.

Since 1995 we have been providing wholesale diamonds and jewellery.

The team behind BESPOKE DIAMONDS is an integral part of the global diamond industry. We have partnered with Diamond Associations worldwide to bring the best in class for you.

Established in the Industry

Founding member of Diamond Bourse of Canada

As a central commodity exchange facility and network, the Diamond Bourse has a history of providing the diamond industry with unique, industry-specific services that continually enhance the commercial landscape and customer experience.

Member of Canadian Jewellery Association (CJA).

The CJA is the national trade association for the Canadian jewellery industry, comprised of retailers, suppliers, and providers of goods and services. The goal is to make sure updated information is available to its members to enhance the jewellery shopping and purchasing experience for their customers, to ultimately help them buy with confidence and celebrate their new piece of jewellery or diamonds for years to come.

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Decades of Experience.
We Know What's Best

Member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange.

The Israel Diamond Exchange is the most extensive Diamond Exchange in the world. It operates in 2 sectors. One is for polished diamonds, and the other one is for rough diamonds. It is equipped with advanced and sophisticated technology, computer systems, internet, and diamond weighing services, making it one of the best exchanges in the world. The technology they use in their facility located in the Rough Diamond Hall helps its members and the associated companies have FREE of charge access to the most advanced technological services needed to market diamonds. They also get access to state-of-the-art gemological equipment that can be used for well-cut diamonds, making the end user's experience an exquisite one. 

3D Magnified Diamond Viewing Technology

At BESPOKE DIAMONDS, we use State-of-the-art, high-definition panorama diamond viewing technology that sets us apart from the world's vendors and helps you see the diamonds from around the globe directly in front of you almost instantly.Purchasing a diamond is a special moment, often occurring once in a lifetime. Our customers can now thoroughly inspect their gems with unparalleled convenience and confidence by being on the leading edge of diamond viewing technology.

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Wholesale in the Industry

Wholesaling Diamonds and Jewellery in North America since 1999 to most ELITE Retail Stores and Jewellery Manufactures In North America.

These include BIRKS, EUROPEAN JEWELLERY, CALGARY JEWELLERY and more. Have 1000's retail stores across North America And have sold over 30 million dollars worth of diamonds in thousands of pieces.

BESPOKE DIAMONDS has partnered with top-notch Labs & Couriers To Further Your Diamond & Jewellery Buying Experience

BESPOKE DIAMONDS is a Trusted Brand on Rapaport Diamond Network and has partnered with the following to bring the best to you in terms of both service and delivery: 

- Malca-Amit
- GIA Labs
- International Gemological Institute
- Harold Weinstein Gemological Limited

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We Promise To Deliver…

Premium Quality Diamonds with Modern Cuts

When it comes to jewellery and its quality, Bespoke Diamonds can assure you will get the best of the best. We are the leading experts in the industry and will help you in choosing the best. With decades of experience, unparalleled guarantee and service warranties you can say you are in safe hands.


Wholesale Prices

If you are looking for premium quality diamonds but are low on budget, we can help accommodate your request through our worldwide network of retailers and manufacturers. You can buy your diamonds and jewellery at Bespoke Diamonds at wholesale prices, to get the best deal on the market. You don't pay the retail price but still, get to experience superior exclusive customer service.

Design & Concept Exclusivity

At BESPOKE DIAMONDS, we don’t take walk-in customers. We schedule your appointment with an expert diamantaire who gives personalized attention to you, one at a time. The appointment-only feature helps us have exclusive sessions with our customers while they share their unique ideas while shopping with us. We provide a very customized experience so that you can get exactly what you want in the first go. It only takes a minute to schedule an appointment and can be by phone, email, or in person. Click the button below to schedule your exclusive appointment with one of our expert diamantaires today.


Insider Information on Industry

We believe in equipping our clients with the most updated information on diamonds, jewellery and trends. It helps you in making a wiser decision when it comes to investing in diamonds. We know the trade very well, because of our decades of experience. And we do understand all the industry's inner workings which help us in providing you with the fairest solution possible.

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